Recipe for Cucumber, Jicama, and Pineapple Salad with Spicy Sriracha Dressing

Cucumber, jicama, and fresh pineapple with a spicy Sriracha vinaigrette all make this salad special.

Right on the heels of all those favorite cucumber salads, here's a brand new cucumber salad that I think is also going to become a favorite of mine.  Not only does it have Sriracha Sauce (which I think makes just about anything taste better), but the salad includes jicama and fresh pineapple, two ingredients I don't get to use nearly often enough. When I tested this recipe we absolutely could not stop eating it.  In fact, the only thing was that it didn't keep well in the fridge overnight; the next day the spicy flavor just overwhelmed everything else.  No worries though; if you're making more than can be eaten right away just put the dressing on part of the salad and store the extra dressing and cut-up cucumber, jicama, and pineapple separately in the fridge.  Then the next day you can combine the leftovers and have this spicy, fruity, refreshing salad a second time!

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