The Best and Easiest No Churn Ice Cream/Gelato... an Espresso Gelato Variation.

Espresso Ice Cream/Gelato Variation... No Churn, One Bowl, 4 Ingredients. Since I mentioned in my last post the amazing ice cream I've been making this summer ... I knew I couldn't let it go without sharing it with you as well. I know it's kind of late, why with summer being almost over... but ice cream, well, ice scream can be made all year round:).

If you've always wanted to make ice scream at home and had no ice scream  maker... well, this recipe is for you. 
If you've always wanted to make homemade ice scream that was smooth, creamy and without ice crystals... then this recipe is for you. 
If you've always wanted to make a ton of ice scream variations without so many recipe variations... well, this ice cream is for you. 
If you enjoy the store-bought Tallenti gelato... well, this homemade version is it! Actually, my husband says it's way better. 

Ok, so  I hardly ever call a recipe AMAZING... because recipes are quite subjective. What I may call amazing, you may not... and while others may call a recipe amazing, I may not. But... this ice scream recipe is truly outstanding. And it's super, super simple to make! It will amaze you and amaze your guests as well.  Well, at least those of us that like ice scream:)...

I've made this ice cream(more like gelato) many times... it's foolproof! I've played around with the flavor variations, and they've all been delicious. And while I've posted exact measurements for best results, I've also used a can of sweetened condensed milk  combined with 1 (475ml=2 cups) heavy cream container... to make a double batch. This way you don't need to buy a second container of heavy cream:). It's a tad sweeter, but not noticeably. 

While you can find variations to the no churn ice cream online, I find this is by far the easiest to do. You place all the ingredients in a bowl and whip to soft peaks... this of course doesn't include any add-ins you may choose to include, which you' ll fold in at the end. The only thing you have to remember is to not over beat the cream... otherwise it will turn buttery. Beat it to the consistency of a light mayonnaise and you'll be ok.. And all this is done in a single bowl... no need to beat the cream separately.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do... I know my husband enjoys it the most:).  This would be lovely... placed in disposable containers with a pretty label... perfect to bring as a hostess gift. Hope you enjoy...

Note: You can make this ice cream/gelato with with a ton of variations... the idea is to use heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and flavorings of choice. 

The alcohol can be optional, though it keeps the ice scream from freezing solid in the freezer.

Variations I have made in the past included ingredients I had on hand at the moment:

 1)A mint chocolate chip, adding mint extract, and mini chips along with 1 TBS cherry liqueur, 
2) A chocolate rum-walnut, adding 1-2 TBS dark cocoa, rum extract and chopped walnuts along with 1 TBS cherry liqueur, 
3) A cherry shaved chocolate(cherry garcia), adding just the cherries from  fruit-sweetened cherry preserves, almond extract, and shavings of dark chocolate along with 1 TBS cherry liqueur.

But variations can be endless... adding broken up cookies, brownies, cookie dough, various cooked down fruits, nuts and chocolate can all be used. Be creative and make your own... apple pie, pumpkin pie and cherry pie sound wonderful:)...

Ingredients: Adapted from Nigella Lawson - makes about 1 1/2 pints (or 800 ml) 

1 ¼ cups cold heavy cream
⅔ cup sweetened condensed milk
2 tablespoons instant espresso powder
2 tablespoons Irish Cream (or you can use espresso liqueur)


1. Measure and place all ingredients in a large bowl.

2. Using a hand held mixer(or you can whisk by hand) beat ingredients  until soft peaks form, and has thickened into an airy mixture, almost similar to a light mayonnaise consistency. Do not overbeat.
3. Pour in a freezer proof air tight container, and freeze overnight.
4. Enjoy a scoop of delicious and super smooth ice cream:)!