Ahi Poke Napoleon

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What is Ahi Poke?  It's a raw (sushi grade) tuna salad served as an appetizer.   I ordered this appetizer at Tommy Bahama Restaurant in Florida, it was so good!  I wanted to try and make it at home and was so excited to find the recipe on Tommy Bahama's website.  Check it out here, and I also came across a youtube video, here.  So now that I had the recipe, I went shopping for the ahi tuna.  I tried Whole Foods first.  The seafood guy was so nice and helpful.  I didn't really know what I was looking for but told him what I was making.  He let me know that I needed sushi grade tuna and where I could get it (Seafood Center) as they didn't have any at the moment.  He did say that he can always get it in if he had a couple days notice.  
  We went to the Seafood Center and they had a beautiful piece of ahi tuna.  It's pricey, $34.99 per lb but you only need 1/2 lbs for 8 servings.  I got 1/4 lb and made two generous portions but for an appetizer size, it would make 4 servings.
It was fun to make a restaurant dish at home.  Especially because we don't have a Tommy Bahama restaurant in Wisconsin!  Delicious, we enjoyed every bite!

*  I followed the recipe for the tuna and dressing but made my own guacamole.  I also didn't use all the dressing, you just want to use enough dressing to lightly dress the tuna.  Find the recipe here and the YouTube video here.