Roasted Sweet Potatoes Recipe with Double Truffle Flavor and Parmesan

Roasted Sweet PotatoesFor me the best recipes are ones which are simple to make but still have something that bumps them into *special* status. This recipe for sweet potatoes, tossed with olive oil and roasted until the edges are getting golden brown, then seasoned with truffle oil, truffle salt, and Parmesan cheese, fits perfectly into that category. I used the truffle oil from the taste of Italy I got from Ilva, and the truffle salt was sent to me to try from the generous people at Mirepoix USA, who have all kinds of wonderful truffle products. (Truffles are not cheap, but once you taste them you'll see what the fuss is about! For the record, I don't write about things sent to me for review unless I'm wildly enthusiastic about the product and it's something I would purchase myself, and I absolutely love this truffle salt.)

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