Kahlua recipes: The "Java Monster" and Kahlua, a great energy drink cocktail using Monster Kona Blend.

Kahlua Recipes: How to make a Monster Energy drinks Kona Coffee and Kahlua cocktail.

Two great things that naturally go together. If you like iced coffee, energy drinks and Kahlua, then this cocktail drink is for you.

Invented by J "kimo" Cattlett at Tiki Fire, this cocktail has won a few awards.
It's simple, but so are the best things in life. Simply a great Kahlua recipe.

Monster Kona Coffee and Kahlua Recipe:
• 1/2 can of Java Monster Kona Blend (Monster Energy Drink)
• 4 ounces of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

1. Pour the Kahlua into a rocks glass with ice.
2. Next pour in the Java Monster Kona Coffee.
3. Serve cold.

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