Recipe for Red Rock Brewery Style No-Mayo Vinegar Coleslaw with Oregano

I love coleslaw with mayo, but I'm also an equal-opportunity coleslaw eater!

A couple of months ago The Salt Lake Tribune posted the recipe for Red Rock Brewery's Vinegar Coleslaw.  In that story Tribune food writer Lesli J. Neilson admits never liking mayo-based coleslaw.  Of course I immediately went "HUH?" because I love all things mayo!  However, I also love all things cabbage and I try hard to be an equal-opportunity eater, so I printed the recipe for the Vinegar Coleslaw and experimented with it.  I realized I like coleslaw with oil-and-vinegar dressing almost as much as the many mayo-based coleslaw recipes I make so often.  Today is Memorial Day and I'm probably posting this too late for you to add it to your holiday menu, but if you want to be an equal-opportunity coleslaw eater I recommend trying this soon!

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