"Get Well Soon" Chicken Soup - Take 2 bowls and email me in the morning

This video recipe was shot about a month ago, when my wife and I had colds. This is Michele's surefire cure to the common cold, and she likes to make it as soon as the first symptoms appear. You may have heard about the restaurants in China that are sort of like food clinics, and you order according to your symptoms. Various herbs and spices are combined to cure what ails you, and while there is no scientific proof that these dishes cure anything, as the old saying goes, "they can't hurt."

You'll notice the obvious lack of a voice-over in this video. I just wasn't feeling up to it at the time and figured I would go back and do one later. But, after watching it, and the cold-related production value, I decided to keep it in its original form. This "medicine" is great spiked with hot sauce to really clear the head, and using fresh ginger is also a must, as the dried stuff will not provide the same fabulous fumes. Enjoy!

2 lbs chicken wings
water to cover by a few inches
handful of shiitake mushrooms
4 green onions
red bell pepper
6 cloves garlic
1/2 cups thin sliced ginger
soy sauce to taste
fresh chopped cilantro
hot pepper, optional