Kahlua recipes: The "Flaming Lamborghini" cocktail recipe.

Kahlua Recipes: How to make the Flaming Lamborghini cocktail.

This is a fun cocktail to drink with friends on a fun night out.

Flaming Lamborghini Recipe
 • 1 part Kahlua
 • 1 part Bailey's Irish Cream
 • 1 part Blue Curacao
 • 1 part sambuca
 • matches or a lighter to light the cocktail.

Layer the Sambuca over the Kahlua into a skinny glass and pour a shot of baileys into one shot glass and the blue curacao into another. Place a straw into the layered Kahlua and sambuca and set light the sambuca on fire. Be sure to drink before the straw melts. Leave a tiny bit of sambuca and pour in the baileys and blue curacao at the same time. Drink through the straws at the same time.

Be very very careful with flaming cocktails.
Be sure to blow out the flame first.

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Kahlua recipes presents the "Flaming Lamborghini" recipe. A great winter mixed drink that uses Irish cream and curacao.  Kahlua drinks to try. A great mix of baileys and kahlua