Fine Dining in Low Lighting - My Birthday Dinner at Incanto

Michele and I celebrated my birthday as Star Chef Chris Cosentino's restaurant, Incanto. I've wanted to eat there for a while, so I was thrilled when I found out that was our dinner destination. I really wanted to film it, but nothing ruins the ambiance of a beautiful dinning room, like some knucklehead with a tripod and beeping camcorder.

So, I compromised quality for stealthy portability, and brought my little spycam. It does great with enough light (as you may have seen in Atlantic City, Parts 1 and 2), but in low light the picture breaks-up, and gets kind of blurry, especially on darker foods. Anyway, it was a great meal, and I wanted to share the experience, and some of the unusual and delicious food nonetheless. Enjoy!

photo (c) flickr userphxpma