Kahlua Cocktail recipes: The "B-53" Cocktail Recipe for shots using Kahlua, Bailry's Irish Cream and Vodka.

How to make the Kahlua B-53 Cocktail for shots.

The B-53 is a stylish visually layered cocktail.

You can do a flaming shot with this one.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  just be careful and blow the flame out first. I have personally seen someone take a shot and not blow it out first, they had nasty scaring on there face.

Kahlua B-53 Recipe:
• Kahlua ¾ oz
• Bailey’s Irish Cream ½ oz
• Vodka 1 oz (Skyy Vodka, Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Etc.)

In the order listed above, layer the ingredients in a shot glass.

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Kahlua coffee liqueur and coffee cocktails presents the b-53 recipe. This mixed drink is like the classic b-52 recipe. Learn about irish cream and vodka recipes.   A great mix of Baileys and Kahlua.