Warm cocktail drinks: "Kahlua Hot Chocolate" recipe, a great winter cocktail.

Kahlua Recipes: How to make "Kahlua Hot Chocolate."
This is a great warm cocktail drink that is great for winter.
Just made this one last night and very much enjoyed it.
The two flavors of Kahlua and the chocolate blend well together.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate Recipe:
• 1 Part Kahlua
• 5 Parts instant hot chocolate mix
• 2 Tbsp of whipped cream

1. Mix the instant hot chocolate mix as stated in the directions.
2. Pour the hot chocolate drink onto the Kahlua in a glass or mug.
3. Top with whipped cream and serve.

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Kahlua recipes presents the "Kahlua Hot Chocolate" cocktail a great winter cocktail or warm cocktails, that uses hot chocolate. A wonderful cold weather alcohol drink.  Kahlua drinks to try. A chocolate Kahlua recipe or a chocolate mixed drink.