Weekly Update-The Truth hurts but is necessary

Although I do have happy things to post and will do so this week....I need to get something off my chest.  I have been focused on running a a 5k and not getting swallowed alive by this school year.  I have used the stress and emotions of this school year and excuse to eat poorly.  Nothing horrific just not  the way I need to in order to loose weight.  So here it is the truth

I haven't been trying and as a result I have gained back all that hard fought weight loss from Mamavation.  It is so depressing to admit that....but I need to.  By saying it outloud (or online) it helps me accept responsibility for what I have done (or not done).  

I am not entirely adrift.  I signed up for a beachbody challenge and got some kick ass new videos that I have been doing and as of this week I am back on track with my tracking my food and working out.  Its hard, and it sucks, but I am doing it.  I also joined a challenge with my Mamavation Girl Melissa over at My Two Miracles and that is helping too.

As we know weight loss and getting healthy takes a lot of time, effort, and mental energy-something that I have been lacking.  I just realized this weekend while huffing my ass in a 5k....if I can do that I can get over this funk I have been in about work and deal.  So get ready bloggy friends there will be venting on here.  I find that I have been keeping a lot inside and not discussing in fear of sounding negative, but then I realized something.....hello this is my blog!  I started this as my place.  I also realized that the reason I am so stagnant is because I am do busy feeling crappy instead of processing and moving on.

So there it is-the truth.  It may be ugly but it is needed!