Spending a Week in Istanbul (Things I'm Thinking About)

Istanbul was beautiful and amazing in so many ways; here are a few of the highlights I recorded by iPhone.

Most regular readers probably know that I recently spent two weeks traveling in Turkey and Kenya with my good friend (and fellow blogger) Donna, so for this week's post of Things I'm Thinking About I want to share some thoughts and photos from the trip. This week I'm sharing photos from Turkey and next week I'll show some of what I saw in Kenya.

I decided I didn't want to carry around a big camera, so these photos are taken with my iPhone 6+, which turned out to be quite good for a travel camera. Some of the photos were edited for Instagram, but some are just straight out of the camera.  I did take a lot of photos, so I grouped them in collages to make the post a little shorter!

I really loved visiting both of these interesting countries and I hope you enjoy getting a little taste of each place! (And since I know some people are wondering, nothing about this trip was compensated or sponsored in any way; links in this post are for informational purposes only.)

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