Spending A Week in Kenya (Things I'm Thinking About)

Kenya was charming, with so many fascinating sights and tastes; here are some of my memories recorded by iPhone.

Spending a Week in Kenya found on KalynsKitchen.com

Last week I shared the photos from spending A Week in Turkey with my friend and fellow food blogger Donna, and for this week's post of Things I'm Thinking About I want to share about the Kenya part of the trip. Kenya was actually our main destination; we went to see Donna's daughter Kate and son-in-law Neil who are living in Nairobi for a short time. I've always been fascinated by Africa, and I have various types of African art all over my house, so I was really excited to be able to visit Kenya. (Thanks Donna, Kate, and Neil!)

Just like the Turkey photos, these pictures were all take with my iPhone 6+, some edited for Instagram, but a lot of them are just like they came out of the camera on the phone.

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