Low Sugar and Flourless Apple Cranberry Crumble Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Low Sugar Apple Cranberry Crumble
Low Sugar and Flourless Apple Cranberry Crumble

I knew it was a slippery slope when I made the Low Sugar Pumpkin Apple Crumble, and sure enough, a few days later I found myself thinking about making a different version with all apples and replacing the flour with almond meal. You know how those thoughts can just keep coming back until you find yourself in the kitchen making dessert again, even though you're someone who doesn't really eat dessert? That's how this recipe came about, and happily the end result was a very tasty and low-glycemic dessert with no added sugar or flour whatsoever. I'm adding this to my list of Thanksgiving Recipes, but this is a great fall dessert for any occasion. It's also perfect for the Meeta's Monthly Mingle, where they're featuring Low Sugar Sweet Treats this month at the Daily Tiffin.

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