Another Option for Freezing Fresh Basil: French Pistou Sauce in Honor of Julia Child

French Pistou Sauce in Honor of Julia Child
For years I've been freezing fresh basil, and I've also used my garden basil to make basil pesto for the freezer. This year though, buzz about Julia Child, the upcoming movie of Julie and Julia, and thoughts of Soupe au Pistou inspired me to use my first basil pickings for French pistou sauce instead. What's the difference between pesto and pistou? A little quick research using Food Blog Search turned up many variations of pistou. Some recipes include tomatoes, parsley, or other herbs, and pistou may or may not have cheese. Most times though pistou doesn't contain nuts, and pistou usually has more garlic in proportion to basil than pesto. does. Pesto and pistou are both best made to your own taste anyway, so here's my version of pistou, which I'm looking forward to drizzling on soup next winter.

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