Beginning Our Journey on Elecare

Today marks the second day of the Elecare diet! At least 50 ounces a day is the goal. We are making our son an Elecare calendar to help celebrate his success each and every day since we know this is not going to be an easy 8 weeks (at least), but one we feel are little guy is certainly capable of achieving. Throughout the course of this therapy, we are including fun activities on his calendar he will look forward to to help all of us celebrate each day. Yesterday was his first day and overall he did an amazing job! He was able to get down about 45 ounces. His appetite has been off for the past week because of the stomach flu. Last Monday night he was throwing up every 30 minutes for nine hours straight! Due to this, he lost some weight, but we will be tracking his weight during this journey and we pray to see some increases in his growth. We also pray to see improvement in his gut.

We are still waiting to hear back from Seattle Children's Hospital regarding financial assistance to cover the cost of Elecare. My husband got a call from them last week because they wanted some more information from us, but the individual he spoke to made it sound unlikely that we would receive any assistance due to the income requirements. We were able to get a two week supply at roughly 16 dollars a can by bidding on Ebay though. Still pricey, but much better than paying 60 dollars per can!