From SCD to EleCare

Our boy will spend the next 8-10 weeks off of the SCD and instead will be drinking vanilla EleCare. It's a big change, for sure, but one that will hopefully get the inflammation under control -- something SCD alone, or SCD with Entocort, has not been able to do.

I think we'll start the day after Easter (not that he'll be eating chocolate easter bunnies that day).  The nutritionist was able to give us two cans of EleCare to get started with... which will last approximately 2.5 days!  After researching my insurance plan benefits, she notified me that we needed to figure out another way of paying for it.  At roughly $60 per can, and needing about 25 cans per month, she handed me a financial assistance form that the Children's Hospital will consider on a case by case basis.  They may help with 100% of the cost, 50% of the cost, or none of it... we'll find out in a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, we need to start bidding on Ebay.

One way or another, we'll figure out a way to pay for it.  The question will then become: what do we feed our boy after (if?) he goes into remission.  Do we go back to SCD, or try something more normal and balanced?  I do think the SCD can be balanced if you are able to include the whole list of legal foods, but we were just never able to get past stage 2.  This will be a big dilemma for us... we would like to see if the diet works to maintain a state of remission (once in remission).