Cyrus is doing a fantastic job with the EleCare. In the last three days, he's had about 46-50 ounces each day -- which is roughly 1500 calories. Stools are still runny, but less frequent (~ 2/day).

We created the "EleCare calendar" that has special activities planned on it to help him get through the EN... but he seems pretty unphased by not eating other foods and he appears to feel really good.

We're now weighing him daily and he's gained almost a half a pound in just three days on EN.

We've been able to buy EleCare on Ebay for about $16/can -- much better than the $50/can (from what we hear) direct cost.

Lastly, I have to say that enteral nutrition is WAY easier on us as parents compared to the SCD! It makes decisions on what to feed him, well... easy. Prep work... easy. The guilt in eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast... well, I still feel guilty, but not *as* guilty! With all of that said, I think we'll still go back to the SCD once we're done with this 8-12 week round of EN.