Muskmelon Banana Smoothie

Like almost every kids, my daughter also hate musk melon. So thinking of the nutritious value of this fruit I prepared this smoothie combining Musk melon and Banana specially for kids. It is really very delectable dessert for kids. It is can be made very  quickly and easily without giving much effort and can be served any time throughout the day.


Musk melon  pieces   1 cup
Banana pieces           1 cup
Yogurt                      1 cup
Milk                          1/2 cup
Sugar                        2 tbsp

  1.  Peel off and  cut Musk melon and Banana  into small piece. Keep them into an air tight box and keep in refrigerator until use. 
  2. Put the fruit pieces into an blender and add yogurt and sugar. Blend them for a minute to make a smooth puree. Check the sugar if needed add more. 
  3. Pour the mixture in a serving glass and garnish with some musk melon pieces on the top.
Your thick creamy muskmelon banana smoothie is now ready to serve. 

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