Kalyn's Kitchen Celebrates Seven Years, and Seven Things I Know About Food Blogging

Hard to believe it, but I have been blogging for seven years!

(Edit:  Thanks to David Burger from the Salt Lake Tribune for this nice feature about me, and how fun that he timed it to come out at the same time my blog was having a birthday!) 

Kalyn's Kitchen is turning seven years old today, and I almost missed the party.  For some reason I was thinking Wednesday was my blog birthday, but then I started writing this and realized it was April 24, 2005 when I sat down at the computer and wrote my first post.  That's how this whole blogging adventure got started!

For my birthday post I'm going to take the day off from cooking and reflect a little about blogging.  Last year I posted Six Life Lessons I'm Learning from Blogging, and this year after reading posts asking If Food Blogs are Over and Can You Make a Living Writing about Food, I decided to share Seven Things I Know About Food Blogging.  I don't consider myself a blogging expert, but I know what I know!  Of course, opinions about all things related to blogging are widely varied, so these thoughts may or may not resonate with you if you're a fellow blogger.  For readers who are not bloggers (i.e. normal people!) I hope you don't mind having the focus on the mechanics of blogging for a change.  And for everyone reading this no matter what it is that brings you here, thanks for visiting, and please chime in with your thoughts in the comments!

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