Rocky Mountain Popcorn-A Review

This was the only flavor in the set I got that I didn't think was outstanding (although I didn't personally like the cinnamon sugar, others I gave it to did).  It was really yummy don't get me wrong.  It just wasn't amazing like the rest of them.  It was just average.  If I was going to eat butter flavored popcorn I would rather eat movie theatre popcorn drizzled in real butter (lets pretend that I could eat butter).  Yet, if you are a die hard buttered popcorn lover thismight be fore you.

Caramel popcornThis was a nice high end caramel popcorn.  What i liked was that very single speck of the popcorn was covered in carmel.  I am sure that you have noticed that some caramel popcorns are not fully covered in the carmel each peice is only partially covered.  Again I really thought that calorie content for a carmel popcorn was very reasonable.  Not something if you are trying to healthy you would eat every day but a nice treat.  

A month or so ago I got a very lovely package in the mail.  It was a popcorn delivery from Rocky Mountain Popcorn.  They were generous enough to send me several samples of their high end gourmet popcorn.  Now I love popcorn and it is one of the treats that I rarely eat anymore because of this whole lactose intolerance thing.  Below you will see photos and a brief review of the flavors they sent me.

White Cheddar popcornThis was my all time favorite.  It was like smartfood but on crack.  It as so good and with lots and lots of yummy cheesy goodness.  I also thought that 150 calories for a fairly large one serving bag was a good deal in terms of a nice treat

Cinnamon Sugar popcorn

This cinnamon sugar was the only popcorn I didn't like and it had nothing to do with popcorn itself it was just my own personal tastes.  Unless it is Carmel or chocolate covered I do not like sweet popcorn at all.  I think if you had sweet tooth this would be a nice option
Jalapeno popcorn

This flavor was my second favorite.  I was the same yummy white cheddar with just a titch of heat added to it.  The only reason I didn't place it as my number one favorite was sometimes I am not in mood for spicy (although that is almost never but still).  A nice option if you are looking for something different.

Naked popcornFinally the last flavor I tried was just the plain old popped popcorn. I really thought it would be blah, but it was so tasty.  Just the perfect amount of salt to make it a nice light snack.  The only thing that I would say was a bummer was that I thought for "naked" popcorn it was fairly high in calories in that it was 140 calories per serving which was the same for the white cheddar.  Lets be honest if I going to be snacking I want the most bang for my buck in terms of calories.  

Overall I thought the quality the popcorn was amazing and the flavoring was better than anything that you can get in the store.  If you are looking for a nice gift to give someone this holiday season this would be a nice option.  Also, if you are really into popcorn and are looking for an indulgent treat I would highly recommend Rocky Mountain Popcorn