How to Make Gremolata and Recipe Ideas for Using Gremolata

Gremolata can bring the fresh-herb flavors of summer to your food all year round!

Anyone who's been following my blog for a while already knows that I'm a fresh herb enthusiast!  If you're a cook who's discovered the wonderful way that cooking with fresh herbs can enhance the flavor of foods without adding fat or calories, then it won't be hard to understand why I think everyone should learn how to make Gremolata.  This simple but profound combination of finely minced fresh lemon peel, minced fresh garlic, and minced fresh parsley adds freshness and a little zing to any food you sprinkle it on.  I used it recently to add that extra something to a pasta dish (recipe coming!) and I wasn't sure if Gremolata needed a post of its own, but when I mentioned it to several friends and family members, I discovered that this simple herb combination is not something everyone knows about!  So this post is my Gremolata Public Service Announcement for everyone who hasn't discovered it yet.  And best of all, in the dead of winter when fresh herbs are expensive and hard to come by, you can always get lemons, garlic, and fresh parsley to make this and bring a touch of summer to your cooking. 

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