Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Penzey's Turkey Soup Base (Plus Lower-Carb Gravy Tips and Ideas for Turkey Leftovers)

I think Penzeys Turkey Soup Base is a *must* for Thanksgiving gravy!

(Updated, November 2014)  I'm interrupting the Carb-Conscious Thanksgiving Recipes with this important Turkey Gravy Public Service Announcement for anyone in the U.S. who's cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or planning to make turkey stock or turkey soup after the holiday. I've shared how much I love Penzeys Turkey Base every year since 2005, and again this year I'm giving you a reminder so you can order Turkey Soup Base from Penzeys in time for Thanksgiving. 

And this year I think I can safely say that Penzeys Turkey Soup Base is now a Denny family tradition because when I was talking to my sister Pam about Thanksgiving dinner I told her I'd ordered 2 jars of it, and she told me she'd already ordered hers as well!  We both agreed that Penzeys Turkey Soup Base is a *must* for Thanksgivng gravy.

Don't confuse this soup base with those horrid packets of turkey gravy mix that come in the turkey! The first ingredient in this product is cooked turkey meat. For anyone who's even the slightest bit gravy-challenged, this will help you make the best turkey gravy you've ever made.  (And since I know some of you must be wondering, Penzeys is not paying me to rave about their turkey base, and they've never given me any free spices.  In fact I'm pretty sure they don't even know I'm alive!) Keep reading for more thoughts on turkey gravy and some recipes I've loved with turkey stock or turkey gravy.

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