November 2014

As our son's grandfather was just recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, I am now revisiting some of the posts from prior years. The SCD path we took makes me so sad in light of what we've experienced with EleCare since then. Having a young child with Crohn's Disease and trying to figure out what to do is such an emotional journey. If I can offer advice to anyone out there undergoing a similar experience: try enteral nutrition first before anything else. It might work for your child, it might not... but you'll likely not regret the attempt. No matter which path you choose to go down, get the inflammation under control as quickly as possible.

I am now down to updating this web site about once a year because there is little Crohn's-related news from my son to update on. What we've learned is that stress activates his Crohn's disease, almost exclusively at the beginning of each school-year due to his anxiety. A week of EleCare effectively gets him back to normal. We did that in September 2014 and he has been good ever since. We are hoping to visit his GI doctor for the first time in a few years once we get the appropriate insurance referrals set up (it's been a while!). The appointment is mainly to satisfy insurance coverage requirements for EleCare... 

All is well otherwise for our boy who recently turned 9: half-way to adulthood!