Twenty-Five+ Healthy Recipes Using Leftover Turkey (or chicken) and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

If you're lucky enough to end up with some leftover turkey, here are 25+ Tasty Recipes Using Leftover Turkey (or make them with chicken if you don't have turkey!)

Twenty-Five+ Healthy Recipes Using Leftover Turkey (or chicken) found on

(This collection of Twenty-Five+ Healthy Recipes Using Leftover Turkey was updated in November 2014 with more new ideas for leftover turkey recipes.)

I love to write round-up posts spotlighting my favorite recipes, but the dilemma with food blogging is that every year you have more recipes that end up being favorites.  That's why I'm adding the plus sign to the title of this post, so I can feature 25+ recipes and include a few new recipes from 2014 on this list.  I know you don't have leftover turkey yet, but I have 24 people coming for dinner tomorrow and there are already family members staying at my house so I want to get this posted before I get too busy making food!  (And than I'll be taking a few days off here to spend time with my family; here are all the Carb-Conscious Thanksgiving Recipes in case you still need them!)

This year, and every year  I love the idea of a holiday dedicated to feeling gratitude, something I try to focus on every day.  And without turning this into a long list of all the things I'm thankful for, let me acknowledge how much I feel blessed to have a life filled with family, friends, interesting work, and all the cooking tools any food obsessed person could ever want! 

And on Thanksgiving and every other day I also give thanks for the people who read this blog and leave nice comments or send e-mails that enrich my life.  For all my U.S. readers, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration that's filled with love and good food!

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