Dodkyachi Bhaji / Ridge-Gourd Gravy

Ridge Gourd is one of my favorite vegetable, I prepare this sabzi in 2 ways gravy and the other mixed with toor dal. I like in both the ways. This vegetable is also rich in fiber and low in saturated fat. All most all the side dish in Maharashtra are prepared using the shengadanaycha koot (peanut powder.) We will see below the way how ridge guard gravy can be prepared using ground nuts and coconut.


Ridge guard
2 (small sized) cut into slices
Coriander leaves
Few chopped for Garnishing
Curry leaves
To taste
Red chilly powder
2 tea spoon
¾ glass
Shengadanyach koot / Roasted groundnut powder
1 table spoon
To Grind:
6 Flakes
Coriander leaves
1/4  cup
Curry leaves
An 1/2 inch piece
Dried coconut chopped pieces (roasted)
¼ cup
Green chilli
1 (optional)

 To temper:
1 table spoon
Mustard seeds
½ tea spoon
Cumin seeds
½ tea spoon
Curry leaves
Turmeric powder
½ tea spoon


1. Wash the ridge gourd and wipe it with a clean cloth, roughly remove the outer skin and cut it into small slices.
2. Take dried coconut pieces and roast them on a medium flame until brown color.
3. similarly roast the groundnuts and remove the outer skin by rubbing over the palm. Grind it and prepare a coarse powder out of it.
4.  Prepare a paste by grinding all the items given in 'To grind' section.
5. On a medium flame heat a table spoon of oil in a pan. When heated add the items given in 'To temper' section and saute for around 10-15 seconds.
6. Add the ground paste. sliced  ridge-guard, salt, chilli powder. Mix well.
7. Add groundnut powder, mix well and saute for around 2-3 mins on a medium flame.
8. Add 3/4 glass of water. Keep it covered for around 8-10 mins. You can check the ridge guard is cooked well by pressing it with spoon, if it break then its cooked well. you can also see the oil getting separated when the dish is completely cooked.

  • If you are using dried coconut in your cooking you need not add more oil as the coconut will leave extra oil after its cooked well.