Ragi Malt

Ragi / finger millet is the most healthiest and richest in protein and minerals in comparison to rest of the cereals.Karnataka is the largest producer of Ragi in India. In Bangalore and certain parts of southern Karnataka Ragi flour is used to preapare ragi mudde which is considered as staple food like chanpati / roti and is served along with soppina saru or any thin sambar. In north karnataka Ragi is used to prepare 'Amli' which is taken as a cold drink along with buttermilk during the summer season.


        I started giving ragi to my son when he was 9 months old as it is very healthy. I learned this from my mother. She used to give this to all of us daily when we were small children, its very good during cold season.
Its very simple to prepare as we get  ready-made ragi flour in the market. I will explain you the steps of ragi malt which can be given to small kids.


Ragi flour
2 spoon
½ spoon
1 tea spoon
A pinch
1/2 cup
cumin powder
¼ spoon

1. Heat ghee on a frying pan, when the ghee is heated add the jeera powder.
3. Add ragi flour and roast it properly until reddish in color. Add sugar/jaggery and a pinch of salt.Mix well on low flame.
4. Add the water keep on stirring so that you break all the lumps. To avoid lumps you can also heat the water separately and add it to the roasted flour.

Note : I am taking the measurements for the malt which can be used at once.  You can roast whole lot of flour by adding equivalent amount of ghee, sugar, salt, cumin powder and store it and use whenever needed by just adding hot water to it.