Grandma Denny's From-Scratch Ranch-Style Vegetable Dip (Reduced Fat or Regular Version)

My Grandma was making Grandma Denny's From Scratch Ranch Style Vegetable Dip long before I heard of Ranch Dressing!

Grandma Denny's From-Scratch Ranch-Style Vegetable Dip found on

(On Fridays I feature favorite recipes you may have missed, and my Grandma Denny's From Scratch Ranch-Style Vegetable Dip is one of those Five Ingredient recipes I love to spotlight for Five Ingredient Fridays. And there's a big football game coming up this weekend, so if you have some of my grandma's homemade dip among all the less healthy munchies, at least you'll be getting a few vegetables!)

When I was a kid, my Grandma Denny made a fantastic dip that she served with carrots and celery as an appetizer at family dinners. In those days we called it "Vegetable Dip" as if there was only one kind of dip that could possibly be served with veggies. This was long before the introduction of Ranch Dressing to the American culinary scene, and obviously my Grandma Denny was ahead of her time, because  now people all over the country are eating Ranch Dip with veggies.

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