Marinate-All-Day Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe (Low-Carb, Gluten-Free, Paleo)

Greek Lemon Chicken marinates all day while you're at work, and when you get home dinner is ready to go in the oven!

Marinate-All-Day Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe found on

Anyone who visits this blog regularly (and thank you for that!) will know that I've been updating older recipe with better photos for quite a few years now, and even though I'm pretty systematic and diligent about those updates, occasionally I still stumble on a recipe back in the archives with a pretty bad photo.  And recently when I saw this recipe for Greek Lemon Chicken that I first posted in 2007, it went right to the top of my "must update photos" list.  

I don't know how many people still roast chicken at home now that it's so inexpensive to just grab a rotisserie chicken at the store, but I promise that not only is this chicken delicious, but the wonderful smell that fills your house while the chicken is roasting makes it worth the little bit of extra effort.  Greek Lemon Chicken marinates all day in a plastic bag in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and Greek spices, and in the evening you just pop it in the oven for an easy dinner in about an hour.

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