Is Jesus bringing Cupcakes?

Sorry for the delay in posts, I have been so sick, two trips to the doctor later and the only thing I can take is an inhaler (another plus of pregnancy, no good drugs) on the Wednesday Dylan said the most hysterical thing.

We were getting ready for daycare and talking about the big party that they were going to have and the grab bag gifts that they would be doing. Dylan looks up and says "Momma is it my birthday" to which I figured this is a true opportunity to discuss the true meaning of Christmas. I reply "No Dylan, at Christmas we celebrate baby jesus's birthday and give each other presents to celebrate" Dylan takes a moment to think about this and then looks up at my and asks "Mommy, will baby Jesus be bringing cupcakes"

Apparently, at daycare when it is your birthday you must bring cupcakes. So for the next 15 minutes I try to explain christmas, that the baby Jesus will not be at the party, and why. So I think that we are all set and then in the care he tell me that at snack time Baby Jesus will be sitting on the floor in the circle with juice and cupcakes.

Oh well, I tried. Next year I am just going to stick with Santa!