Meal Plan Week 31

It's funny to me that most bloggers are so busy this time of year that they go on a short hiatus during the holiday season. Me? This is when I can finally SLOOOOOW down.

This fall has been a huge learning curve balancing becoming a preschool teacher, taking care of my two young daughters and still being a good house-manager and wife. Just when I thought I MIGHT be juggling life's happenings a little better we bought our very first house! It's been incredibly exciting but busy and hectic and at times overwhelming. My last day of teaching was Thursday and after getting over a major head cold this weekend I'm back for a few weeks of wonderful downtime, family and food. I have lots of exciting things to share with you. Thank you to everyone who has emailed and left me nice comments and messages telling me to come back

Here's what we be eatin' this week.

Day 1: Salsa Verde Mexican Stew
This pork stew was part of my Slow Roasted Pork Challenge this past summer. The slow roasted pork is absolutely incredible and makes a rich thick tomato/beer gravy which is used as a base for this stew. I wanted to tweak and rework this recipe so I just made another batch yesterday. Wooo! New recipe being posted!

Day 2: Creamy Lemon Basil Chicken & Pasta with Ceasar Salad
This one was inspired by my Chicken al Diavlo Penne.

Day 3: Italian Sausage Soup with Crusty Buns
I CAN NOT get enough of this soup. I've made it quite a few times this Fall and my family goes crazy for it.

Day 4: Vindaloo-Korma over Basmati Rice, Tandoori Chicken and Aloo Pakoras served with Mango Chutney
It's become our tradition in the last few years to have a big Indian Feast on Christmas Eve. My friends Tara and Shanna created this incredible Vindaloo-Korma hybrid and I can't wait to share it with my family (and with you :)

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