Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer MachineI'm years behind in spotlighting the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealermachine as one of my Kalyn's Kitchen Picks, because this product is something I've owned for over 20 years and use all the time to freeze or store foods I buy in bulk. Interestingly, what has kept me from featuring the FoodSaver is also a good reason to recommend it, because the one I use is now so old it doesn't look much like the newer models, so I didn't want to take a photo of it. After I'd had my original FoodSaver about 10 years it quit working (completely my fault, because I had sucked water into the machine when vacuum-packing Feta cheese). I called FoodSaver and for a very small fee they sent me a refurbished model that I've used ever since! (Just for the record and to keep the FTC happy, FoodSaver has no idea I'm featuring this product, and they have never given me samples or paid me in any way to promote their vacuum-packing systems.)

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