Recipe-Saving Alternatives to Ziplist (Things I'm Thinking About)

Say goodbye to Ziplist, which has sadly been discontinued by the company.

If you're a reader who's been using the Ziplist Recipe Box or Shopping List feature you should have received an e-mail from Ziplist with this official announcement telling you they're discontinuing those services on December 10.  I was completely surprised by the news, and want to share information here to make sure people know what do to to keep the recipes you've saved.  

I will keep the Ziplist links in the right sidebar until they become inactive on December 10. (If you click one of those links you'll see a pop-up with information about how to Save Your Ziplist Data.  If you enter your e-mail address there before December 10, Ziplist will e-mail you a file with your recipe data.)

Once you've gotten the file from Ziplist, you have quite a few options for a new service to use to store and save recipes.

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