Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe (Gluten-Free)

It's soup weather, and this Stuffed Pepper Soup is perfect for a cold winter night.

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I have a notebook on my desk where I jot down recipes ideas, both things I spot on the web and those that seemingly just pop into my head.  And sometimes an idea pops into my head and when I check online I notice that other people have had the same idea.  That's what happened with this recipe; I had Stuffed Pepper Soup down in my notebook, and when I decided to make it I found out just how many other people have made a soup inspired by stuffed peppers!

That didn't stop me from creating my version, which uses both hot turkey Italian sausage and lean ground beef, and has a "secret" ingredient to add flavor.  Jake and I both loved the soup, and when I gave my sister Pam some to take to work for her lunch she texted me in the middle of the day to say she loved it too.  If you like stuffed peppers at all, I promise you're going to love this soup!

(Stuffed Pepper Soup is being featured for Friday Flashbacks, where I share recipes from the past that you might have missed.  This soup is one of my favorites; I'm making it for the Denny Family Christmas Party next weekend.)

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