Instant Jalebi

Jalebiiiiiiii!! I never thought that even I could prepare it. Since its a Valentines day I decided to prepare a sweet item, as I am scared of baking and never tried so had to choose something which can be prepared in instantly, Jalebi was the option that came to my mind. I saw few videos on internet most of them were to soak the batter overnight and I had not done that, finally came with the site which explained the instant jalebi steps and followed the procedure accordingly. I had to make the Jalebi's twice because I was not satisfied with the Jalebi shapes that I made for the first time and the problem was due to the piping paper hole that I had made for the polythene bag. I had to send my husband again to market to get the piping paper. But unluckily he dint find it, so instead he got a sauce bottle which was too bigger in size. I had no option than cutting the polythene bag again. I took a polythene bag which was not folded at the sides, basically a square shaped bag, had cut a small hole at one corner. Added the batter and then made jalebi's, they came very well in fact one of the jalebi came out in a heart shape size ;) may be it was due to the practice as well :)


Maida/ all purpose flour
1 cup
Food color (optional)
Pinch of
2 tea spoon
½ glass for batter
For deep frying
Baking powder
1 tea spoon

Sugar Syrup:

1 cup
2 cups

1. Keep oil/ghee for heating in a frying pan.
2. Add a cup of water to 2 cups of sugar in a pan and keep for heating on a medium flame
    to prepare sugar syrup. Reduce the flame and simmer till you attain a one string consistency.
3. Add maida, curd, baking powder and a pinch of food color in a mixing bowl and mix them well.
4. Add little water at a time and break all the lumps. Make the batter little thick, mix it with the
   help of  whisk/a spoon so that all the ingredients blend to a smooth batter.
5. Take a piping bag add the batter to it.
6. Check if the oil is heated by immersing small piece of batter. Keep the stove on lower
    flame and start putting the round shaped jalebis into the frying pan.
7. Turn the Jalebis on both the sides and fry them well.
8. Warm the sugar syrup and immerse the fried jalebis into it. Keep for a minute and serve it hot.

    • Adding color is optional, you can add any color u like. Even you can add pinch of turmeric powder to get yellow colored jalebis.
    • The consistency of batter is very important, it should not be more thick nor more thin.
    • Do not fry the jalebis on high flame they break! adjust the heat to little more than simmer and fry.
    • You can also add saffron to the sugar syrup to enhance the taste.

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