Palak Pakoda

Crispy Palak/spinach Pakodas in this chilly weather is a wonderful combination. I always had a thought of preparing the palak pakodas but again the mission of shedding weight always kept me away from this..
But this day I could not resist as I had palak in my kitchen and luckily had got some free time, so came up with these crispy pakodas. This is not time consuming at all, just needs maximum of half an hour. Addition of rice flour made the pakodas crispy.


1 ½ cup
Gram flour/besan
1 cup
Rice flour
½  cup
To taste
Turmeric powder
¾ tea spoon
¼ tea spoon
Coriander powder
½ tea spoon (optional)
Red chilly powder
1 tea spoon
As required


1.       Take enough oil in a frying pan and keep it for heating.
2.       Wash the spinach and chop it into small pieces of required size.
3.       Take a mixing bowl add a cup of gram flour, half cup of rice flour, salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder, ajwain.
4.       Add little water to it and mix all the ingredients. Make sure to break all the lumps.
5.       Add few more water to it and make the mixture into semi liquid form like dosa batter.
6.       Add chopped palak to this. Mix well.
7.       Take small lemon sized palak mixture into your hand place them in frying pan when the oil is heated.
8.       Turn both the sides and deep fry the pakodas.
9.       When fried move them on paper napkin to get rid of excess oil.
10.   Serve this with tomato ketchup.

I am adding little water initially it is to break the lumps. If you add at a time it will be difficult to break the lumps.

Adding red coriander powder is optional. You can skip adding it if you do not have.