Karela stir-fry

This is the easiest and quick recipe of bitter-gourd. Karela/Bitter gourd is the most nutritious vegetable but we do not prefer to have it because of its bitterness. This style of sabzi I learnt from my mom and she got to know about this recipe when she was on a trip to North India.We usually make a gravy of Karela by adding tamarind and jaggery, this is the dried/ fried version of karela and tastes awesome and needs very less number of ingredients. The bitterness of karela is  balanced by adding cashew nuts, almond and peanuts.


Karela/bitter gourd
3-4 thinly sliced and deseeded
To taste
1 tabl spoon
2 tea spoon
Red chilly powder
1 ½ tea spoon
Cashew nut
Handful of
Roasted Peanut
Handful of
Handful of finely chopped
Cumin seeds
½ tea spoon
Mustard seeds
½ tea spoon
Turmeric powder
½ tea spoon
Curry leaves
1. Wash karela, remove the seeds and chop into thin slices. Sprinkle ¼ tea spoon of salt and
    keep it overnight, so that the bitterness of karela gets reduced.
2. Crush the roasted peanut and cashew nuts with the help of mortar and pestle and keep aside.
    you can also add 5-6 almonds and crush.

3. Heat oil in a pan over medium flame, when heated add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves.
4. Add sliced bitter gourd and give it a stir. Fry this for around 3-4 mins.
5. Add sugar, red chilly powder, chopped coriander and salt to taste. Mix well.
6. Add crushed nuts and sauté for around 7-8 minutes.

7. Serve this with chapati.

You can adjust the quantity of sugar according to your taste.
You can also add little amchur/mango powder to this get the tangy taste.
 You should fry the karela for long time and stir in between so that it does not get burnt.