Egg Burritos To Die For

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These Egg Burritos with low-carb flour tortillas are one of my favorite breakfasts!

(Updated April 2008) Back in the (good old) days when I was young, lean, and well tanned and was spending my summers catering houseboat trips at Utah's Lake Powell, this version of egg burritos was one of the most popular breakfasts on the houseboat. It was actually a Lake Powell client who named them "Egg Burritos To Die For," which is what I've been calling them ever since. I first posted this recipe in 2005 without any photos, but recently when the fabulous Lydia sent me some Josephs Flat, Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Tortillas, I got inspired to make egg burritos, take step-by-step photos, and add this to my Recipe Favorites.

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