Cooking Turkey for Chickens! A Two-Part Thanksgiving Turkey Tutorial

By knowing just a few basic tricks, you can guarantee yourself a moist, delicious, and beautiful Thanksgiving turkey every time. The two videos posted below were done last year, and according to the many emails and comments I got, they proved very helpful to lots of your fellow foodwishers.

If you don't have one, make sure you buy a meat thermometer before thanksgiving. They're only a few dollars, and on Thanksgiving at least, it's the most important tool in the kitchen. Other than that, these turkey and sauce techniques don't require any special skills or equipment, and you probably have everything you need

As I said in the original post, with these videos you can proceed with confidence, joy, and the knowledge that since you are cooking the turkey you won't have to wash any dishes! See you on the couch. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Turkey Part 1: Prepping and Roasting

Thanksgiving Turkey Part 2: It's All About the Gravy

To get the ingredients, use these links from the originals posts for Part 1: Prepping and Roasting and Part 2: Making the Gravy.