Recipe for Turkey and Guacamole Quesadilla (to make from leftover Thanksgiving turkey or chicken)

Turkey and Guacamole QuesadillaYes, I realize Thanksgiving is still three days away! But in the crazy world of food blogging, if you're suggesting recipes people might cook for a special occasion, you need to let them know before that day arrives. I've finished posting Thanksgiving Recipes, and now I've been working on recipes for turkey leftovers. For the next three days I'll share a new recipe using turkey, and then on Thanksgiving I'll post my top ten recipes for leftover turkey. Of course, if you're not cooking a turkey this year, any of these recipes could be made with rotisserie chicken. Let's get this Thanksgiving leftovers week going, starting with my favorite way to make quesadillas, with leftover turkey, cheese, and just the right amount of slightly spicy guacamole.

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