Garden Cucumber Salad Recipe with Tuna and Sweet Basil

Cucumber Salad with Tuna and Sweet Basil
This simple salad with cucumbers, tuna, and fresh basil is perfect for a quick lunch!

(For Phase One Fridays I highlight Phase One recipes from the past that have been my personal favorites.  This simple salad with garden cucumbers, tuna, and fresh basil is perfect to make with garden cucumbers, and it's one of those recipes where the sum of the ingredients ends up being more than the parts!)

If you haven't had homegrown garden cucumbers, you may not realize how much better they are than the cucumbers you buy in the supermarket. Garden cucumbers are sweet and crisp, and when they're abundant in my garden I'm forever coming up with new cucumber salad recipes. This combination of tuna in olive oil and fresh basil was fantastic, and I thought it was such a nice blend of flavors I ended up making it again the next day so I could take photos. If you have a garden with fresh cucumbers and basil, don't miss trying this salad.

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