Absorb Plus

One quick note about the Absorb Plus EN product we've been trying.  Of any food/supplement we've ever given our son, I've never seen anything move from one end to the other more quickly than the chocolate Absorb Plus.  Literally, within 5 minutes of drinking the shake he declares: "I have to go poopy!".  It's amazing, and worth noting if constipation is ever a problem.

When we tried (vanilla) EleCare a month ago, we didn't observe this *problem*.  The bad news is that EleCare is way more expensive than the Absorb Plus, and Absorb Plus ships from about an hour north of our house (~ 1 day delivery).  The good news is that I've seen EleCare on Ebay at a reduced price, just in case our insurance company chooses to be a typical insurance company and deny coverage.