Crockpot Recipe for Pork and Green Chile Stew (Nefi's Green Chile Stew)

Pork and Green Chile StewIt was more than a month ago that I posted the Friday Night Photos of the Superbowl Party food from the Denny family Superbowl party and people asked for the recipe for Nefi's Pork and Green Chile Stew. When I started tracking down the recipe I discovered that Nefi is the kind of cook who doesn't follow an exact recipe, but Nefi's sister (and my sister-in-law) Lisa got the list of ingredients from him, and I came up with this recipe, which is close to what he made. I tested it out on a couple of people who dropped by, and they all agreed it was good, but a little on the spicy side (!) so next time I'd use a smaller can of diced green chile peppers. Of course, if you like the heat, go ahead and use the large size when you make it. We ate this with some sour cream on top, which probably isn't traditional, but it did taste good.

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