My a-hole comment-Or was it?

Ok so yesterday I had a rough rough day. I was having horrible hip pain (which I have been having for the last two months) and sizable amount of pressure and contractions. With the baby only two weeks away I was feeling crappy to say the least. So being the facebook/twitter junkie that I am I posted on my status that I felt the ninth month of pregnancy was overrated. Well the first comment I receive was for a colleague at work saying that perhaps I should remember those people who want to have children and can't and to enjoy it. So I instantly feel like an a-hole and a piece of garbage. I do have friends (mainly co-workers) who have struggled or are struggling with fertility issues. I know the person who posted this has struggled with with getting pregnant. I totally felt like garbage and felt bad about making this comment and striking a nerve with her and possibly other people. Then I started to think.

Not that my comment wouldn't have offended people, but I started to question is facebook the place to remind someone that they might not be being politically correct (for lack of a better word). Yesterday was a tough day for me, if one of my friends (even those who are experiencing infertility) asked me how I was doing, I don't think I would have lied and slapped a smile on my face and pretended I wasn't in horrible pain and still having to work for another week. So now I start to feel guilty for getting annoyed about these comments I made. What can I say I am working mom and have guilt down to a science.

So I am wondering what are your thoughts? Was I totally insensitive? Was the comment uncalled for in response to my complaining? Would you restrict yourself on facebook/twitter because you don't want to offend people?