Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Brummel & Brown Natural Yogurt Spread

Brummel & Brown Natural Yogurt SpreadIt's been a while since I added something to my list of Kalyn's Kitchen Picks, where I share my recommendations for food or kitchen products I'd happily buy over and over. This Brummel & Brown Yogurt Spread was recommended by a reader named Alan, and I'm loving it on my whole wheat toast dipped into Eggs Fried in Olive Oil. No one likes the flavor of real butter more than I do, and turning butter into an occasional indulgence was one of the hardest changes I had to make when I started cooking the South Beach Diet way. This spread made with vegetable oil and yogurt is the best-tasting butter alternative I've found. It does have water as the first ingredient, so this isn't something I'd use for sauteing food, but for spreading on toast or melting over vegetables, the flavor of this is great.

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