Things I'm Thinking About on (2-25-2014)

If you need more fun in your life, I highly recommend getting a Mini!

In December I promised to start sharing things I'm thinking about, and then in January I got distracted by Daily Phase One Recipes and now it's been two months since I've shared one of these posts.   Happily it was a good two months with lots of holiday celebrating at Chez Kalyn, and the best present ever arrived on December 31 when I got my new Mini Cooper!  I've never cared much about cars, and for years I loved my Toyotas, but when I moved I needed a car that could get up the hill in the snow.  I picked the AWD Mini Cooper Countryman that's slightly bigger than the regular Mini (and thankfully not quite so low to the ground), and this is hands-down the most fun car I've ever owned!  And I've had the personal license plate for a while, but I think it looks even better on this car.  (If you live in Utah and are considering a Mini I had great service from Tyson Call at Mini of Murray.  And I'm sure some of you are wondering, so just for the record, Tyson and Mini of Murray have no idea that I'm giving them a little shout-out here.)

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