Slow Cooker Recipe for Vegan Black Garbanzo Bean Curry

This was my first time cooking with black garbanzo beans, and I loved them in this slow cooker curry.

For my birthday in December my blogging and real-life friend Lydia sent me some black garbanzo beans, an ingredient I had never seen before I got them in the mail.  I was intrigued and immediately started looking on the internet and in cookbooks for ideas of how to cook this type of bean.  I settled on a recipe from The Indian Slow Cooker where the unsoaked beans were put in the CrockPot and cooked on high for 9 hours with water and a ground mixture of seasonings and Indian spices.  (Yes, that is supposed to say 9 hours on high.)  The final recipe I ended up was delicious but may not be all that authentic, because when I tasted the mixture after 9 hours it was a bit spicy for my tastebuds, so I added a can of tomatoes and some green onions and simmered it an hour more.  Cilantro and a little lemon juice is stirred in at the end.  I loved the chewy texture and the savory, almost nutty flavor of the black garbanzo beans.  

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