Cooking up a storm

I have been a busy girl lately.  I have been trying out several new recipes trying to keep up with my new goal of eating more healthy natural foods (eating clean) and also trying to eat more vegan meals.  So of course what do I start out with baked goods of course.  I am always looking for more new breakfast options (I am going to try overnight oats this week) and I needed to do something with all the damn bananas I had left over in the house.  So I found a weight watchers banana oat bread recipe and a clean eating peanut butter banana cookie recipe.  So lets start with the banana bread...super yums.  If you are a weight watchers member just search in recipes under banana oat bread.  It was so darn tasty.  My only issue was it was five points for a tenth of the loaf.  Now if I am being honest look at that loaf of looks great doesn't it.  It smelt even better.  The  likely hood of my cutting this into ten pieces and only eating one...slim to non.  So I think I would totally make this recipe again but next time i would make a few changes.  The first one I would make would be to cut down on the brown sugar and substitute in some agave or honey instead to try and "clean" this recipe up a bit.  The second and most needed change for me would be to make these muffins not bread form.  For some reason visually I can be satisfied with one muffin over a very small slice of bread.  Also, for those who do weight watchers I would say that you are going to need to add some fruit or protein to this breakfast because one tenth of this bad boy all mighty tasty isn't going to cut it as a breakfast.

Second up were the clean eating peanut butter banana cookies.  So because it is clean it has no sugar and only whole wheat flour.  I keep hoping I will like whole wheat flour but not so much!  So I tasted the dough (come on don't sit there and pretend that you don't eat the dough too) and it was good.  I tasted the cookies when they came out of the oven...they were OK.  Not great but good.  Then I had some the next day...UGH!!!!  Don''t know what happened but damn they were bad.  I am wondering if I need to try cooking them again and for longer so they wouldn't be chewy or maybe I over mixed the dough which can happen with whole wheat flour.  I kept trying them (I girl can hope right) but I ended up throwing them out.  Look at them don't they looks so promising!!

One thing I am starting to realize with my eating and trying to eat the best possible foods the most amount of the time.  If I am really wanting a cookie or cupcake I need to stop searching for a suitable "clean" or "points friendly" option.  I need to just indulge once with a few bits of what I really want and make good choices the rest of the time.  More on that revelation another time!  

So the end verdict...Weight Watchers Banana Oat Bread YEAH!! Clean Eating Banana Peanut butter Cookies-Hells No!