Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Sun Pix Hearts of Palm

Hearts of Palm are one of my favorite ingredient for spring and summer salads!

I may have let out a tiny squeal yesterday when I saw that my Costco had Sun Pix Hearts of Palm back in stock!  If you're not familiar with Hearts of Palm, they're a tender and flavorful vegetable that come from the center of the stems of palm plants.  They're labor intensive to harvest, so even though domesticated Palms are now grown for this crop, they're still not that common.  I rarely buy them at the regular grocery store where they're ridiculously expensive, but each year I stock up when Costco gets them as a seasonal product.  A two-pack of these 25 oz. jars was $8.59 at my Costco yesterday.  Costco in Utah sells these in the spring and summer, and then stops stocking them in the winter, so every year I wait for them to appear again!

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